YIKES: Look Which 2 Mainstream Media Outlet Ratings Have Lagged Behind Nickelodeon And HGTV

It seems like the “fake news” era is having an impact on CNN and MSNBC.

Both networks failed to garner enough attention to beat children’s shows and a home improvement station according to Nielsen Media Research.

While Fox News remained firm as the top network in total day viewers, for a 26th consecutive week, with 1.3 million viewers, they also snagged first place in total primetime viewers with 2 million, the Daily Caller reports.

As for their competition? What competition? Competitors MSNBC and CNN were treading water in total day viewership and only MSNBC posted a respectable third place in primetime.

Per the Daily Caller:

CNN had a horrible week, managing just 669,000 primetime viewers and losing to the following networks: HGTV, USA, Food Network, TLC, Hallmark, and more. MSNBC fared much better in primetime, finishing third behind HGTV with 1.342 million viewers.

HGTV and Nickelodeon — home of Spongebob Squarepants — wiped the floor with CNN and MSNBC in total day viewership.

Nickelodeon finished second in total day with 914,000 viewers while HGTV finished third with 814,000. MSNBC trailed behind in fourth place with 763,000, while CNN tied for 9th with the Food Network at 535,000 viewers.


Here’s what some people online are saying:

One user attributed the loss in viewership to the #WalkAway movement where Democrats are leaving the party after increased divisiveness and some people disagreeing with confronting Trump administration officials.

Here’s more on the campaign, from Townhall:

The #walkaway campaign is now over 100,000 strong in just a few weeks. These are former liberals who have discovered, as its founder Brandon Straka says in his video, “the Democratic Party’s greatest and most insidious lie:” That without them, you are nothing. As Straka puts it, “They will insist that you are a victim doomed to exist within a system that is rigged against you…that you are a victim of systematic oppression…that you are a victim of your circumstances, and no amount of hard work or motivational action will ever allow you to overcome your victimhood or the privilege of those around you.”

In rejecting the Greatest Lie, the members of #walkaway are rejecting the Democrats’ only recruitment tool – victimization. Those walking away are rebels, an “awoke” army declaring their freedom as individuals, claiming their futures and their very lives. They’re ringing an echo of the patriots of 1776.

As Candace Owens of TurningPointUSA put it in her electrifying speech onstage at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, they are fleeing the plantation of Democrat servitude. Most of all, they are awakening to the self-actualization and fierce can-do spirit that is at the very core of the American experiment.

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