Pence Just Crushed Democrats And MS-13 With Mic Drop Of The Year

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon recently made headlines after she called United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement a “terrorist organization.”

Vice President Pence quickly rushed to the defense of the brave men and women who often put their lives on the line to enforce federal immigration laws.

Pence answered Nixon, who is running for the governorship in New York, over social media.

The New York candidate tweeted, “If [Pence] is attacking me, we must be doing something right. What’s really ‘appalling’ is how ICE tears children away from their parents. Parents who came to this country, fleeing deadly violence, to provide a brighter future for their families.”

And, “Parents who have lived here for decades, paying taxes, building small businesses. Parents whose children are legal U.S. citizens. Parents who have no criminal record. ICE’s mere existence causes many New Yorkers to live in daily fear that they will lose their family.”

Finally, “I can think of no better description than to call ICE a terrorist organization, and I will wear any criticism from [Pence] as a badge of honor.”

Incoming a red-hot Pence, facts in hand, in 3…2…1…

“Last year ICE agents rescued 518 human trafficking victims and 904 children subjected to exploitation — yet top Dems like Cynthia Nixon call ICE agents ‘terrorists.’ What a disgrace.”

And, “In 2017 ICE made 4,818 gang arrests (796 were MS-13) and just last week busted a child sex trafficking ring — yet top Dems like Cynthia Nixon call our ICE agents ‘terrorists.’ Despicable.”

On Friday, Pence spoke at ICE headquarters and said the agency would “never” be abolished and declared that President Donald Trump is “100 percent” behind that decision, Independent reports.

“The calls for abolishing ICE are not only outrageous, they are irresponsible,” Pence said. “We will always stand proudly with our brave heroes of ICE and the Border Patrol.”

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