Caught Red-Handed: CNN’s Acosta Tweets Fake News And Is EXPOSED

Shortly after attending an event with President Trump, CNN’s Jim Acosta took to social media to push his typical anti-Trump narrative.

The CNN journalist said he asked the president if he would stop calling mainstream media, including his network, the enemy of the people.

Trump has repeatedly criticized CNN’s network for reporting what he calls “fake news” or fabricated stories to push a political point.

But, people caught Acosta doing just that.

Check it out…

“I tried to ask the president if he would stop calling us the enemy of the people. He did not respond,” Acosta tweeted.

…Sounds innocent, until people saw what actually happened.

Here is Breitbart’s take:

Acosta is present at a White House event where President Trump delivered remarks about the five journalists murdered in Maryland on Thursday. As you will see, though, Acosta is clearly too far away to be seen or heard by the president.

Nevertheless, although there is no way he will be heard, Acosta drops all pretense of professionalism to still holler a question to the president: “Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people, sir?”

In other words, Acosta knows Trump cannot hear him, but like a heckler out to spoil the moment for everyone else, he still screams his question at him.


So Acosta is more than 20 feet from the President and is calmly shouting while the room is giving applause to Trump.

People quickly called out the fake tweet:

Here’s more from Breitbart:

It is only at the end of the video that we discover Acosta’s true motive, and it is the opposite of journalism. Watch as Acosta turns around to look at his cameraman and appears to ask if they got the shot. Then the camera lights are shut off, which again reveals just how staged and artificial all of this is.

This is not journalism.

Acosta and CNN knew Trump was too far away to hear the question.

This is staging news, manufacturing news, a fictional piece of propaganda produced as a means to deliberately mislead the public and embarrass the president.

Not a good look for Acosta:

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