Rand Paul Asked Senate Colleagues To Cut Spending By 1 Percent, Their Response Says Everything

Republican Senator Rand Paul challenged his Senate colleagues to vote for a balanced budget to show they are fiscally conservative.

Ahead of the vote to balance the budget, Paul offered an amendment which would lower federal spending by a meager 1 percent and he gave a lengthy speech supporting his plan. During his speech, he presented a number of seemingly random expenses by the government.

“There is a point which debt is too cumbersome,” Paul said. “We have a national debt of $21 trillion dollars. Currently the debt ceiling has been raised and the government can spend and borrow as much as they want.”

He also said that Democrats and Republicans each received funding for proposals presented by the respective parties, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill.

Paul then challenged his Republican colleagues to do what they were elected to do.

“Republicans say we are for devolving spending and limited government and yet why won’t they vote for a budget that balances? I’ve put forward a Penny Plan budget that cuts spending by 1%. Couldn’t we cut one penny from every dollar? Isn’t there enough government waste to cut?”

“Does anyone in America think the government can’t do with 1% less?” Paul asked. “If the government ran a balanced budget we would have a stronger, safer nation. If we want to secure our nation we need to make sure we have a sound economy.”

The Kentucky Republican then presented more than a dozen images showing excess funds that Paul said the government could be saving:

“My budget does much of what Republicans say they believe in,” Paul challenged. “This bill is what we run on. I’m arguing for a yes vote on the Penny Plan budget because we should be what we say we are.”

“The bottom line is whether the debt is threatening our country and it is,” he added. “It’s time for Republicans to step up the plate and vote for what they say they’re for: a balanced budget.”

And, “Our insecurity is our enormous debt, $21 trillion. This vote is a litmus test for conservatives.”

So, if this was a test to see how fiscally conservative his Republican colleagues were, then how did they do? Not well, Washington Examiner reports:

The Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly rejected a budget proposal from Sen. Rand Paul that proposed cutting 1 penny for every dollar the government spends.

Paul introduced his “Penny Plan” budget, and was able to win a vote on his motion to proceed to the plan.

But most Senate Republicans and all Senate Democrats roundly rejected that motion in a 21-76 vote.

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