CNN Is Getting Raked Over The Coals For Blatantly False Headline On Trump Admin

Mainstream news media often finds itself criticized by President Trump and his supporters for what they have dubbed “fake news.” Trump argues that the outlets push false information and intentionally seeks to mislead its audience.

A usual target of the “fake news” label is CNN and one of their latest articles is similarly garnering criticisms for pushing false information.

“Sources tell CNN that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has repeatedly said he won’t focus on diversity, making comments like ‘diversity isn’t important,'” CNN tweeted.

While it would be difficult to check the validity of the sources, checking the information is much easier. People who actually click the article accompanying the tweet quickly realize the headline runs contrary to the information CNN writes up in the piece.

Check it out:

From CNN:

Several employees at the Interior Department have told CNN that Secretary Ryan Zinke repeatedly says that he won’t focus on diversity, an apparent talking point that has upset many people within the agency.

Three high-ranking Interior officials from three different divisions said that Zinke has made several comments with a similar theme, saying “diversity isn’t important,” or “I don’t care about diversity,” or “I don’t really think that’s important anymore.”

Each time, Zinke followed with something along the lines of, “what’s important is having the right person for the right job,” or “I care about excellence, and I’m going to get the best people, and you’ll find we have the most diverse group anyone’s ever had,” the sources said.

Subsequently, according to the report, Interior Department spokeswoman Heather Swift said the alleged comments: “The anonymous claims made against the secretary are untrue.”

“As a woman who has worked for him for a number of years in senior positions, I say without a doubt this claim is untrue, and I am hopeful that they are a result of a misunderstanding and not a deliberate mistruth,” Swift said.

So CNN’s own sources deny Zinke making the comments and the Interior Department spokeswomen also denied the reports of him making the comments.

Several people online caught the misleading headline:

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