Woman Goes to March for Life and Women’s March On Same Weekend, What She Discovered Is Astonishing

There were two marches over the weekend that showed the true difference between leftists and conservatives, the March for Life on Saturday and the Women’s March on Sunday.

Amanda Prestigiacomo went to the March for Life where the theme was “love saves lives.”

From Daily Wire:

Families proudly pushed their babies with Down syndrome — an abnormality we, as a society, are urgently told to dispose of — in their strollers with smiles on their faces; former abortion clinic workers held signs proclaiming that life matters; teens chanted about their love for babies and held clever and playful signs; single mothers boasted of the children they chose to keep thanks to pro-life pregnancy centers and religious organizations; a Congresswoman told the masses of the miracle birth of her daughter who was supposed to die upon delivery; and the faithful said prayers aloud in unison and sang church hymns.

The message, “love saves lives,” was intricately woven into every beat of the march.

Flash forward to the Sunday and the contrast could not be more severe.

The women of the “Women’s March’ are not a representative cross-section of all American women.

Prestigiacomo caught the march in New York City. But they were pretty much the same in sentiment wherever they were held. The marches took a big drop in attendance from last year perhaps because they lost ‘leftists’ to the better economy under Trump.

The women were a combination of young virtue-signaling non-victims who long to see themselves as victims, and their elders: women who have followed the rules of feminism and ended up in despair; scorned, alone, and angry.

Apparently, not getting the memo to #resist transphobia, there were more than enough women rocking so-called “pussy hats” to make you want to vomit. Their vulgar signs — many depicting the poop emoji with Trump’s hair, vaginas, and penises — and chants called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment for various reasons, none of which were compelling nor grounded in reality and facts. The theme of the event, from what I could gather: buck democracy and oust our duly elected president and kill as many babies as possible in the name of Feminism.

If this is the ‘feminist’ movement, it has problems with reality and sanity.

*Warning for graphic language*

Here’s one that wins for most factual problems in one sign.

So what to say about how wrong this sign is? Any grandparent of this girl would have been born at the earliest in the 20th Century and no one was being executed for being a witch in the United States, much less being burned.

But hey, it sounds like a good slogan, right? And that’s basically emblematic of the march.

What angry feelings can be put on a sign, despite their lack of connection to reality.

Although perhaps comparing themselves to witch trials perhaps makes sense. The Salem Witch trials (in which no one was burned) were kicked off based on the feelings of angry girls.

Perhaps there’s a message there.

H/T Breitbart

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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