Stacey Dash Is “Woke”

The word “woke” is used a lot online. It’s a new way of saying someone is aware of what is going on around them. This begs the question, “just WHAT” is going on around us? What exactly are we asleep to and not seeing?

Being an actress from the world of film, John Carpenter’s interesting late 80s sci-fi film “They Live” comes to mind and I believe this is where “woke” stems from. A character in that film becomes aware of alien manipulation of our society by wearing special sunglasses. These glasses give him a whole new view of a world dominated by mind control through subliminal messages and electronic manipulation.

“I’ve got one who can see,” an alien alerts when she realizes Roddy Piper’s character is newly aware of his alien masters. Piper was “awakened” to a global problem that happened right under their noses with grim results.
Then the late 90s came back to all of us being asleep with “The Matrix” in which Keanu Reeves’ Neo wakes up from a robot–induced virtual world that has enslaved the human race. Combine these two films and I think we have a good idea of where “woke” comes from.

I am one who believes she is awake. However,  the Internet offers a number of versions of “woke.” Whether climate change, LGBT rights, conservative, liberal, race, Trump, Obama, Clinton…each perspective is different. Putting those aside, what I am writing about being “woke” to the racial smokescreen that is creating a deliberate conflict in this country. My agenda is to help people get out of the bondage of their own making. It’s a psychic prison and this being the most difficult place to break another free, I believe the only solution is a supernatural one: God. So by His grace I will proceed.

The human race need not be broken up into fragments of color and ethnicity. This is the problem. History has made it so. But here in lies the rub–good or bad, it is history and it happened. We must be awake to that aspect. Removing statues, taking down flags, changing names or sweeping everything under the rug is not being awake to anything. It’s replacing ignorance with ignorance.

We must stop looking back lest we turn to a pillar of salt. Lest we are like the Israelite’s and travel the same road for 40 years instead of a mere seven.
Slavery ended. Years ago. Civil rights were attained. Years ago. Yet we have harbored anger and resentment that only enslaves us yet again. So…how “woke” are you? Cries for reparations, unfairness in treatment throughout history, racism, suppression, cruelty…”black history.” I wonder, just how much does the average black person or any person KNOW? I do not ask to incite. I ask to see how “woke” this reader is.

Are you “woke” to the fact that as a race, we (I say “we” because, yes, I AM black, for those of you who believe I think otherwise). We have been slowly, cleverly pushed down a chute like animals at a slaughterhouse. Blacks have been conditioned to accept segregation by OURSELVES. In this country, more and more articles appear of students asking for racially segregated proms under the students’ own accord. College students have advocated segregating their own dorms, classes and areas on campus. 

The Oscars came under attack for #OscarsSoWhite with a reaction calling for a Black Oscars for “black films.” Just what does that mean? 

I was assailed for stating that BET was racist and inherently separatist in its existence. How does strictly “black” entertainment help the bigger picture? BET served its purpose when it started almost 40 years ago. Keep in mind Liberal Hollywood is the target of the anti-black sentiment seen around awards time. BET was founded by liberals that allowed blacks to stereotype themselves and more importantly segregate themselves under the illusion of progress.

Wake up to the victim mentality. Stop being a victim. Blacks should infiltrate the awards with dignity and truth…on their own power and cease falling for the liberal bait and switch. Blacks are pawns in a liberal game. Wake up to it.

Let’s go to the next point of contention: “Black History Month.”

Why does one month need to be set aside, segregated from the rest of history? Black history did not happen in a vacuum and it does not stand alone. No race’s history does. We have impacted each other, for better or worse. Whitewashing history, tearing it down, obliterating it amounts to the same tactics that presently fuel ISIS. Toppling statues in Maryland is akin to blowing them up in Syria. Should we start tearing down the pyramids as well? After all, they are monuments to slavery and built by slaves. You want to change history to fit your agenda and viewpoint. Why do you want to force others to see the same perspective as you? This is a mental form of slavery.

For these thoughts, I have been castigated as a “racist”, not a “real black” or even more recently and detrimentally, “a good black.” No matter what part of the spectrum that assails or even supports; if I am reduced to a racial object, then it is segregation. I am a human being. White people are reading this piece. Asians are reading this piece. Native Americans are reading this piece. Should I go on?

To be clear, the Liberal Left has engineered a systematic covert plan to divide us as a nation and force us to segregate ourselves. We are all stronger together clearly. Segregate ourselves…take a minute…think about it…Wasn’t that the lesson from the 911 attacks? Weren’t there posters abounding stating “United We Stand?”

So, what the hell happened? As the anniversary of the worst attack on this country’s soil just passed, we are split by party politics, race, economics and…something far more nefarious…

So, am I “woke?” Or am I crazy? Because you can’t have it both ways. When you address situations for what they are, you will face persecution from those who are threatened. Race is the easiest bait for those asleep to take. It’s the low-hanging fruit and it falls right off the tree. As a people, blacks have suffered through the pages of history. We were ripped from our homelands. We were beaten, raped, tortured, sold and forced into a hideous slave institution that wreaked incalculable suffering.

So have the Native Americans. Their treatment inspired Hitler’s “Final Solution” designs for the Jewish people. Whites have inflicted their own horrors upon each other as well, and many whites live in as equal squalor and destitution as those of other colors. This agenda has one purpose, to divide us. Once fully divided and fighting amongst ourselves with online insults and pundit name-calling, this cabal wins. They want us asleep. They want us to fight in our nightmares. 

President Trump called out the domestic terror groups of Antifa and Black Lives Matter and white nationalist/supremacist groups in the wake of Charlottesville. Why? Because it is the truth.

Why do these people get to tell us what history we can or cannot see when it is so tangible?  If we look with our own eyes, we see one vision. It’s not open to interpretation. Keep in mind when The Old South interpreted The Bible, they found justification for slavery.  Those who control history control the future.

That’s the thought that woke me up.

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